Facts about Argentina


  1. Argentina occupies the eighth place in the world in terms of area it covers 2. 78 million km2.
  2. The name of the country comes from the word Argentum (silver), because once there found deposits of silver.
  3. Argentina declared its independence from Spain in 1816.
  4. Argentina occupies simultaneously three climatic zones.
  5. Argentina occupies the second place after the United States in terms of the number of gunshot murders.
  6. Football for residents is not just a game, but a national passion.
  7. The main meal of Argentine’s is meat. Its consumption is approximately 50 kg per year for a person.
  8. Political parties in Argentina have their own beers brands.
  9. In Argentina during excavations, some of the largest and most ancient fossils of dinosaur were discovered.
  10. At the turn of the 20th century, Argentina was the 10th richest country in the world.
  11. Argentina is now 54th richest countries in the world.
  12. Argentina ranks first in the world in terms of the number of psychiatrists.
  13. Starting in 2010, the country has been legalized same-sex marriages.
  14. The Metropolitan opened in Buenos Aires back in 1913, was the first in Latin America.
  15. The most popular topics for discussion are politics and football.
  16. Despite the fact that from June to August in Argentina, the temperature drops to 11 ° C but residents do not want to wear warm clothes and prefer to freeze.
  17. Between 1974 and 1983, more than 30,000 people disappeared in Argentina because of military dictatorship.
  18. Argentina is the third largest producer of beef in the world.
  19. Unlike many other Latin American states, Argentina has independent media.
  20. About 70% of all Argentine’s do not have their own homes.
  21. In 2001, in just 12 days 5 presidents were elected.
  22. Argentine’s are not very punctual. For them, a delay of half an hour is considered normal.
  23. The real icon of football – Diego Maradona – was born and lives in Argentina.
  24. Diego Maradona is the only sportsman in the world who has his own religion made by his fans.
  25. It was in Argentina that there appeared an elegant and sensual kind of dance – tango, which managed to find its passionate fans around the world.
  26. Not only in offices, but also in apartments it is customary to walk in shoes.
  27. Argentine’s spend 20 hours a week listening to the radio.
  28. Argentinian government in 1977 sent a pregnant woman to Antarctica to claim a part of the continent. The boy was the first human born on the continent.
  29. Argentina is on the second place in the world for anorexia after Japan.
  30. Che Guevara was a medical student in Argentina.
  31. Argentina is the most popular tourist destination in South America. In 2013, it was visited by 5.57 million tourists.
  32. Together with Chile and Uruguay, Argentina is one of the three most developed countries in the Latin American region.
  33. The national game of Argentina is Pato- it is a combination of polo and basketball.
  34. In Argentina, everyone loves children. They are allowed almost everything but screaming at children is unacceptable under any circumstances.
  35. The “9th July Avenue” in Buenos Aires is the widest avenue in the world (110 meters wide) with 14 lanes and 4 parallel streets.
  36. In case of divorce, children tend to remain with their fathers. Even if the kids are with mother, the father spends all the holidays and weekends with the kids.
  37. Argentina is a country of museums.There are more than hundreds of them in the capital, Buenos Aires.
  38. Argentina is famous for its carnivals, held mainly in February.
  39. The company that produces toothpaste “Colgate”, had difficulties in Argentina, as “Colgate” is translated from Spanish as “go, hang yourself.”
  40. Reading literature is not popular among the Argentine’s. For them, such leisure is a waste of time.
  41. In Argentina, life expectancy is rather high- 75-80 years.
  42. Argentina is the most popular tourist destination in South America. In 2013, it was visited by 5.57 million tourists.
  43. School education is very low in Argentina.
  44. Argentina has the second largest population of Italians outside of
  45. Quirino Cristiani was the Argentinian movie director and animator created the world’s first full-length animated movie with sound.
  46. Argentina does not deport illegal immigrants.
  47. Argentina still has outbreaks of dengue and malaria.
  48. Argentina was the first country in which fingerprints were used to find the guilty person.
  49. Mate tea is rather a ritual than just a drink, and its offer is a sign of sympathy. The drink is drunk from a common vessel through a tube (bombilla) and starts in a circle.
  50. Argentina is among the top ten countries in terms of uranium reserves.
  51. Many Chinese reliably settled in Argentina, owning many shops, saunas,and
  52. Iguazu Falls, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984, is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Argentina.
  53. In Argentina, abortions are still officially prohibited, except in cases of rape and if the life of a pregnant woman is in danger.
  54. Ushuaia has long been described as the most southerly city on the planet.
  55. Mount Aconcagua (its height is about 6960 meters) is the highest point in South America and Argentina.
  56. In the hometown of Lionel Messi, the government has forbidden parents to call name their children as Messi.
  57. Since the 16th century, Argentina has been one of the world’s leading wine producers.
  58. Opened in 1913, the subway of Buenos Aires became the first and largest metro in Latin America and the southern hemisphere.
  59. Argentine’s are very attached to families, maintain very strong relations even with distant relatives.
  60. The spirit of patriotism is very strong in the country. Argentine’s, even the poorest, are very proud of their country.

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